Friday, September 16, 2011

Halle Berry Before and After Nose job Pics


Halle Berry continue, a good plastic surgeon created her nose. Catwoman has definetely had rhinoplasty. Her once bulbous nose now looks more defined and noble. Halle Berry has been picked as the female star with the nicest nose". Another example of good nose job.

halle_beforeafter11 halle-berry-nosejob halles_nose

Halle Berry before plastic surgery

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery


lil kim plastic surgery lil kim plastic surgery11 lil kim plastic surgery 1

Lil Kim seems have had the plastic surgery when she was in jail. She looks awful with it. The brow lift is more than comfort may be due to endoscopic browlift, her nose has been whittled down to become Jackson-esque, and her cheeks look like that of a blowfish.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tom Cruise'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Poster


Tom Cruise in this new poster for his upcoming film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol,The 49 year old actor is returning to the role of Ethan Hunt in the Brad Bird directed thriller.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taylor Swift Tacoma show New Photos


Taylor Swift brought a powerful "go girl" message to thousands of teens in the sold out Tacoma Dome crowd last night.

  Taylor Swift's Tacoma show Taylor Swift's Tacoma show 1Taylor Swift's Tacoma show2 Taylor Swift's Tacoma show3

Halle Berry Revealed Fitness Secrets



The personal trainer who whipped Yummy Mummy Halle Berry into shape has shared the star's fitness secrets.

Ramona Braganza says it is her unique training method which has helped Berry, 45, and other stars, including Jessica Alba and Ashlee Simpson, to look fantastic.

Braganza promises that her workout of three 10-minute bursts of cardio, two 10-minute circuits focusing on strength training, and 10 minutes devoted to core, will “craft amazing bodies in a limited time, using minimal equipment”.

The trainer worked with Berry soon after she gave birth to her daughter Nahla in March 2008 and christened the program 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone.

She said Berry's workout involved boxing, plyometric exercises like jumping on to a box and back down again, and using dumbbells.

She added: “She likes working out on the elliptical machine more than anything else. That’s one of the pieces of equipment in her gym. Sometimes we’d go on a long hike or take our workouts on to the beach.”

Braganza says: “The reason Halle is in such great shape is because she is consistent with her workout, doing it four or five times a week.”

Shortly after having her baby Berry – who is diabetic – stuck to 1,800 calories a day because she was breastfeeding.

hairstyles Women's - Halle Berry3 Halle-Berry halle-berry- halle-berry1

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